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Rail Hub Funding puts Wagga on the Right Track


It may be a bleak weather forecast, but the sun is peaking from behind the clouds and investors and the business sector are rubbing their hands together in anticipation, not just to keep warm, as good news breaks regarding the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RIFL) Hub.

In what will be the biggest driver of the Wagga economy for a generation, $13.2 million worth of state funds will be committed to the Bomen freight hub, rounding out $14.5 million from the federal government and $30 million from council to upgrade the road and rail network in the city’s industrial zone.

The RIFL Hub has been described by former Riverina MP Kay Hull as “absolutely essential” to the city’s economic future and dubbed the biggest boost for the local economy “since Teys came to town” by Committee 4 Wagga CEO Chris Fitzpatrick.

Mr Maguire’s announcement included $8.3 million to connect Byrnes Road with the Olympic Highway and $4.9 million to replace the Eunony Bridge, improving access and subsequently unshackling the Bomen Business Park.

“This will cement the economic future and well-being of the city and region,” Mr Maguire said. “This is the connection that will allow the proposed intermodal terminal to proceed and companies like Riverina Oils and Bio Energy to commence expansion.

“This will attract more business and allow existing businesses to harness new infrastructure. Funding like this hasn’t been invested in regional NSW since after the war.”

Riverina MP Michael McCormack said the state’s food bowl will begin to realise the full effect of free trade agreements with Asia as “produce will get to port quicker and open up trade with South Korea, Japan and China like never before.”

C4W’s Chris Fitzpatrick “can’t wait” to see rapid progress at Bomen now all three tiers of government have honoured their rhetoric with real spending. “The concept for the intermodal terminal was planned in 2011, now in 2016 we have the final cash injection,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatricks PCI Commercial Director Geoff Seymour is particularly enthusiastic. “This is great news for industrial land owners and developers who have already invested in the area. We have been working with a local developer and are looking forward to Stage 1 of the Bomen South Industrial Park which will eventually consist of around 61 industrial blocks on Byrnes Road.”


Original article published in The Daily Advertiser