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Property styling, or staging, has become one of the big growth areas in real estate marketing as owners and agents look to maximise a property’s appeal and value.

The secret to staging a property is to take away the owners’ personal items and create something that will appeal to the highest percentage of potential buyers. The first impression is what is going to sell a property. Subtle furnishing and good use of colour creates something that will appeal to the particular demographic of the area and the biggest number of buyers. And it’s not just for the high end of the market. Everything from a prestigious million dollar property to an old one-bedroom apartment can benefit. It makes a difference to them all. Let’s face it, without any furniture some vacant properties can feel quite unappealing and uninspiring. The addition of furniture creates a much more emotional connection for potential buyers. And with occupied properties, while most people have reasonable furniture it can sometimes lack the ‘wow’ factor.

A property stylist can stage it in a way that creates a great feel – it’s about how it feels rather than how it looks. In short, property styling can raise the value of a property by decluttering, depersonalising and reducing the flaws. Perception is reality in selling, and creating a warm, homely and inviting environment will position your property ahead of others in a buyer’s mind.

Here at Fitzpatricks Real Estate we have access to property stylists that will ensure your property is seen to its fullest potential.

View this short showreel of some of our most recently styled properties as seen on our Instagram:

Here are some examples of beautifully styled properties that have been listed with Fitzpatricks.


This article has been provided courtesy of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.