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freGREEN14: 1 Like = 1 Tree

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Every year Fitzpatricks Real Estate seek a way to give back and assist our community. To kick off 2014, we are excited to announce that we are commencing a new project called freGREEN14.

Project freGREEN14, will be made up of a series of environmental activities through out the year which will not only benefit the environment on a local scale, but also benefit on a global scale.

To start with, we would like to bring to your attention a fantastic tree planting initiative dedicated to aiding developing countries, called Trees for the Future  A.K.A ‘TREES’  www.treesforthefuture.org

Trees are vital for the livelihood of villages in developing countries, it helps provide the bare necessities; food, water, shelter and fire, therefore building a sustainable future. Trees for the Future or TREES is dedicated to planting trees with rural communities in the developing world.

Fitzpatricks will be contributing to TREES by donating one tree for every like of our Facebook page. This includes a tree for each of our current 660+ likes and another tree for every like for the rest of 2014, we hope to carry on indefinitely.

This means to date, we (and hopefully you) are already responsible for planting 660+ trees!






Our small contribution will be enough to start a forest that will help replenish critical groundwater supplies and provide for future generations in a developing country.

We ask for your help spreading the word about TREES,  freGREEN14, our Facebook page and by making your own contribution to TREES.

We hope you find this project as exciting as we do. If you would like to know more about TREES, please watch with the late founder; Dave Deppner

You will see that Dave’s vision not only combats two of the world’s biggest problems; hunger and environmental degradation, but it could even bring us a step closer to world peace! It’s amazing to think how easy it is to bring change to such big problems if we all get on board.

Responsible for planting 50 million trees and counting, you can see firsthand footage of the difference already being made on the TREES YouTube Channel.

Stay tune for our next step in Project freGREEN14 which will be a local contribution.