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Presenting you home in the best possible light when selling your property can really make a difference to the number of days your home sits on the market and your eventual selling price.

There are a few important things to consider to ensure your home stands out among the rest.

Clean your house from top to bottom, inside and out

Cleaning costs nothing but if the carpets and curtains could do with a professional “deep clean”, it’s well worth the money. Cleaning your house is possibly the biggest chore you’ll face when selling, lots of people do it half-heartedly – all the better for you! If your house stands head and shoulders above your competition, you’ll be the first to sell.

De-Clutter and Depersonalise

Get rid of the clutter and your house will look bigger. It will feel to buyers like a tidy, well-ordered place to live – just what they want! What’s more, de-cluttering your house is a cathartic experience; it’s also the best way to mentally prepare for your move.

If you have items you no longer want, why not contact Heart for the Homeless and register your home. They will organise collection of your unwanted goods and donate them to the homeless and less fortunate. Register Your Move here

Depersonalising is just as vital as de-cluttering. Buyers will fall in love with your house when they can imagine themselves living there (when they can imagine your house as their own). It can’t be done with evidence of you or your family everywhere. Buyers do not want to buy your home – they want to buy your house and then make it their home!

First impressions count

Your house may be stunning inside but if the outside doesn’t look great you’ll immediately put your buyer into price reduction mode. Look at your property from the road. How does it compare to other houses in your street? As you walk from the footpath to your front door, does every element of your property look cared for and well maintained? A well maintained house screams out that it’s “well cared for” (a desirable attribute that buyers will pick-up on).

Define the use of each room

While living in a house the use of certain rooms can become blurred over time, for example:

  • The lounge becomes part office.
  • The spare bedroom becomes a storage room.
  • The dining room becomes the kids play area.

This is now also a good opportunity to make your house look bigger. Remove all the furniture etc, that isn’t essential to the function of the room. This will free up a lot of space. You’ll see for yourself the minimum amount of furniture needed to define the use of a room and achieve a maximum sale price for your property. Aim for this because at the end of the day, space sells.

For the presentation of your house to really attract buyers (and the highest offers) you need to make buyers want what you’ve got – give them a glimpse of a better life and you’ll guarantee the maximum sale price for your home.