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Pool Safety This Summer

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To combat the number one cause of death in children under the age of five, Wagga City Council has strengthened its laws on swimming pools to reduce the chance of drownings this summer.

The guidelines state that there must be a functioning child-proof fence around the pool at all times, even during its construction. Steps or ladders must be installed in all pools and a resuscitation poster must also be displayed.

To ensure the safety of your pool:

  • regularly check that gates and fences are in good condition
  • ensure the self-closing mechanisms on the gate are in good working order
  • always close your gate when not in use and never prop the gate open
  • never leave objects near the fence that children could climb on to
  • ensure trees and shrubs are trimmed away from the fence
  • ensure the resuscitation chart is clearly in view

“One thing people must realise is a fence is only one form of prevention – they must continue to be vigilant at all times with children near pools,” said Councillor Rod Kendall. “Regular maintenance is required and council does have compliance officers who check if regulations are met.”

Home swimming pool safety checklist is available on NSW Government website, which outlines in detail the steps that need to be followed to ensure your pool is compliant.