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new pool safety laws

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pool_350pxEvery backyard pool in NSW must now be registered under new laws.

The NSW Government has set up an online swimming pool register, and all pool owners must enter their swimming pool on this register. Pool owners will be required to indicate that to the best of their knowledge their swimming pool complies with the applicable safety standards.

The swimming pool register will be operational from 29 April 2013 and all pool owners must register their pool by 29 October 2013. A penalty applies to any pool owner who fails to register their pool by the deadline.

Owners must have a valid certificate of compliance, or an occupation certificate issued within the last three years together with evidence that the pool is registered on the swimming pool register before the property is leased or sold.

In order to obtain a certificate of compliance, owners must have an inspection carried out by their local council or a private certifier. Where a pool barrier is found to be compliant with the requirements of the legislation, a certificate of compliance will be issued. Compliance certificates are valid for three years.

For more information see the REI NSW article