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Leaving operable additional fittings at an unfurnished investment property

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When preparing an investment property for lease, there should be serious thought and consideration into whether to leave working items such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, BBQ, above ground swimming pool etc. at the property.  Items made available for the tenant’s use form part of the tenancy agreement and thereby have a considered value within the rent paid for the property.

If such an item breaks down , they must be repaired or replaced by the owner. Items such as a swimming pool pumps or refrigerators, can be very expensive to replace,  and the additional “value” they provide in achieving a higher rent may not balance the high cost to replace.  However, if they aren’t replaced, the tenant may seek a reduction in rent through the CTTT, in lieu of the lost facility.  The same can be said for items such as spa pools, microwaves or any additional “added extras” to the property.

Although it may seem like a good idea to “value add” by leaving items in your investment property, it is important to consider the long term ramifications of repairs and upkeep before a tenant has moved in.