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Is now the right time to buy an investment property?

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Many people are asking the question – is it a good time to purchase an investment property? According to Residex “It is never the wrong time to buy a property. However that statement comes with a caveat that it is only true provided you pay…. the right price for a property. The right price is the real market price.”

In conjunction with the Reserve Bank of Australia having left interest rates on hold for the time being, property values are widely forecast to remain relatively flat over the coming months.

RP Data believes rentals are expected to rise this year, so you could end up seeing a slightly greater return on your investment than you initially expected if you can find and keep some good tenants. However, you shouldn’t invest in property expecting to get rich quick – if it were that easy, everyone would do it.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when deciding to buy an investment property is whether or not you are ready, both financially and in terms of your understanding of the process. It is important to speak to your financial adviser to determine your individual circumstances. Remember that property is typically a long-term asset, the most growth will occur over a longer period of time.

For those thinking of investing in property there are a number of important factors to consider. We have put together an investment property checklist which outlines step by step what you need to consider when purchasing a property. Click here to view the checklist
Listed below are several properties which would make ideal investments:


  • $335,000 1/49 Simmons Street, Central
  • $539,000 1&2/8 Canola Place, Estella


  • $189,500 44 Gilmore Avenue, Mount Austin
  • $264,000 6 Boyd Place, Tolland
  • $277,000 19 Forrest Street, Lake Albert
  • $339,500 Paldi Crescent, Glenfield Park
  • $349,500 36 Meurant Avenue, Central
  • $379,000 Yentoo Drive, Glenfield Park
  • $407,500 50 Yarrawah Crescent, Bourkelands
  • $515,000 1 Verbena Place, Kooringal
  • $527,500 54 Stirling Boulevard, Tatton