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how to end a periodical lease

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time_goodbyeYou may have wondered at some stage ‘how much notice do I need to give my tenant if I want my property back and they are no longer in a fixed term lease?’

The answer is 90 days (plus 4 days postage if serving via mail).

This type of notice is also called a ‘No Grounds’ termination.  It must be put in writing to the tenant in the form of a Termination Notice.

Once you have issued a ‘No Grounds’ termination to a tenant, as a landlord you do have to wait the full 90 days however the tenant has the right to vacate the property any time within the 90 day notice period.

If a tenant chooses this option, rent can only be charged to the day of key hand back or vacant possession.

If you are planning on taking possession of your property, do contact your property manager who will advise you on the best way to act.