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blog_photoFitzpatricks Real Estate is pleased to announce the release of the Fitzpatricks Report for the 2013 financial year.

Released annually, it is the only full and comprehensive report primarily aimed at providing you with the latest Wagga Wagga market data and knowledge to help you identify where potential real estate growth exists, including comparable data from NSW and capital cities.

Matt Newley, a director at Fitzpatricks Real Estate, commented “we have been publishing this report for a number of years now and found it to be a great resource. There are many people requesting a copy each year”.

The report includes statistics and data on sales, property management and commercial real estate, broken down into sections including:

  • population and finance
  • residential market
  • residential investment
  • commercial and industrial
  • first home ownership

Some interesting statistics from this report include:

  • Persons aged 20-24 years of age represent the largest age group in Wagga Wagga
  • The average mortgage repayment in Wagga Wagga equates to 31.1% of the average household income

If you would like to read some more interesting information from the last financial year you can click here to download your free copy of the Fitzpatricks report from our website

You can also request a copy via email from