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Fitzpatricks Real Estate: A Rich History


Founded on February 21, 1950 by Geoffrey James Fitzpatrick, it was formally known as G.J. Fitzpatrick & Company and began operation from a small office in the basement of the former Gissing’s building, in Fitzmaurice Street. Geoff was given the building rent free in return for the owner’s financial books being written up.

Over the years the business has grown from its humble beginnings where it was originally a one man show, to now employing a professional and dynamic team of over 40 staff at its current Baylis Street location.

As a privately owned, local family business, Fitzpatricks Real Estate are proud to have been serving the community of Wagga Wagga for over 60 years and are looking forward to many more successful years to come.

Real estate runs in the Fitzpatricks family with Geoff’s three sons joining the ranks over the years. Peter Fitzpatrick joined the team in 1972, with Chris Fitzpatrick joining in 1975 and Geoffrey’s third son Richard joining the firm in 1980. Geoff stepped down as director in 1983, he later retired from real estate in 1998 and after almost 50 years in the business.

Throughout Geoff’s real estate career he kept extensive diary entries, detailing his day to day activities and financial transactions. The first year of business was extremely busy and productive, with Geoff working long hours. Geoff’s mode of transport was either by foot or bicycle, often riding to Forest Hill to inspect a property, armed with his diary, tape measure and contracts. During times when he had a number of inspections to attend all over town, he would hire a car for a couple of hours or a full day.

His 1950 diary indicates his first house sale was made to Mrs Clark, with the property located in Wollundry Avenue selling for £4800.

Fitzpatricks Real Estate has helped thousands of people buy and sell their home, and realise the importance of this. Richard Fitzpatrick said “I have enjoyed listing people’s homes as I have always recognised the importance and magnitude in people’s lives about the decision to sell their home, and I know that by giving their home to Fitzpatricks to sell they would always get the best service available.”

In July 2009, Fitzpatricks Real Estate enthusiastically welcomed the inclusion of three new partners. Lyn Kimball, Brendan Madigan and Shaun Lowry joined the current owners; Richard Fitzpatrick and Andrew McLeod. In 2013 the company welcomed Matt Newley as a director, followed by Geoff Seymour in 2015 and Helen Woodhouse in 2016.

Fitzpatricks Real Estate attributes the success and growth of the company to hard work and great customer relationships throughout the years.

“We all enjoy what we do and love helping people find themselves in a better place” said Richard Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatricks strength and growth has come from the quality of their dedicated managers and team members. “Our staff are proud of what they do, proud of what they achieve and have a genuine interest in the service they provide” said Andrew McLeod.

Fitzpatricks Real Estate has become a dominant Real Estate company in Wagga Wagga, with a significant market share, serving the city with real estate services including residential sales, commercial sales, property management, project marketing, land development and marketing plus property consultation.

Our mission statement:

Striving for excellence in our field we aim to provide the best real estate services to the people of Wagga Wagga
embracing the highest standards of expertise, professionalism and integrity.