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Ever moved home and found yourself throwing out things that you knew may have been of value to someone, but is more a hassle for you to include in the move?

Sometimes these items will be transported by you to local charities, sometimes they end up in the bin.According to Director of Fitzpatricks Real Estate Adam Drummond, the average Aussie can waste up to 50 kilograms of usable resources every time they move house.  “When I heard that alarming statistic, knowing how often people buy, sell or find a rental property, I thought there must be a better way to deal with the issue, and along came Leighton Walters from “Heart for the Homeless” just at the right time.”

Leighton Walters is an agent himself and aged only 25, he has become the latest winner of the REINSW John Greig OAM Community Service Award for pioneering this revolutionary initiative.  Mr Drummond elaborated on how the program works. “Basically what we do is hand out a business card with the Heart for the Homeless website and in three simple steps, people can register their move, list the items they no longer need and a local charity will collect the items directly from their house.  It doesn’t really get much simpler than that!”

The major charities involved in the program are the Salvation Army and Oz Harvest.
Mr Drummond said Leighton is always working on how to expand the initiative and improve its effectiveness, which is already operating in four states – NSW, ACT, SA and QLD. “We have really only just started the local program so we have to get it out there what we are doing, so people know there is a solution to this issue of unnecessary waste.”

For more information on how the program works or how you can help directly, please contact Adam Drummond on 0413 571 974 or visit