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Farewell to Lynette Kimball

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It is with a warm heart we announce that Lynette Kimball and her husband Steven are embarking on their next chapter and moving north in the New Year. With this, Lynette will be leaving her position at Fitzpatricks Real Estate in which she has served as Director and Office Manager.

Lynette first came to Fitzpatricks Real Estate in 1983 with no real estate knowledge having worked at a Finance company prior. When she first began the business comprised of Geoff Fitzpatrick and his three sons – Chris, Peter and Richard.  Her role was in administration including prep leases, process applications, type valuation reports (in triplicate or quadruplicate) on a manual typewriter; rent receipting, rental inquiries, financials and general receptionist duties. With no computers, bookkeeping for the months’ end took 4 days and keys used to be handed out to properties for inspections.

Over the last 36 years, she has seen many changes in the industry, technology and the workplace. Lynette, along with Brendan Madigan and Shaun Lowry, became partners of the business in 2009. Her extensive knowledge of property management, legislation and practice; in conjunction with creating an enjoyable, friendly and unified workplace are the key attributes Lynette has bought to the Fitzpatricks team.

Lynette’s dedication to the industry is evident through her involvement in the Real Estate Institute, in which she held the position of Director, and as a committee member for the Property Management Chapter. This has allowed Lynette to work hard to represent the landlords and tenants of NSW in every legislation change, to ensure the best outcome achievable with Fair Trading.

Words can’t describe how highly respected and adored Lynette is by our team, the local community, real estate industry and by all who know her.

We want to publicly thank you Lynette for everything over the past four decades and the attributes you bring on a daily basis; passion, laughter and leadership.

We leave you with some words that Lynette shared during her 35 year celebration:

Be respectful, be kind, be humble, and always ready to learn. Treat people as you would like to be treated; career achievement and progression may take longer than you might plan – but if you embrace the journey, it doesn’t seem to take long at all, and the result is so worth it! Be prepared to bring your A-game – take things on, problem solve and evolve – you’ll find doors will open in directions you never expected when you show you’re prepared to have a go. 

Below are just a few photos of the special moments we have had the opportunity to share with Lynette.