Selling: Auction vs Private Treaty


Deciding to sell


Selling your biggest asset can be a stress free, rewarding and even an enjoyable experience. The outcome depends on a number of factors which are all within your control. When selling your property, you have the luxury of choice. Here are some simple steps to help you achieve the best result:

Ensure you are clear on when you need to move or sell and what your next move may be. Are you going to sell, then buy? Or would you rather buy, then sell? If you are selling an investment property, do you sell with the tenant occupying the property? Or do you sell when the property is vacant? Your Fitzpatricks Sales Consultant is here to assist you with your options and discuss the effects of any of those choices in today’s market.

A critical ingredient in achieving the highest possible price for your property is the presentation.

Choosing an agent
Agents vary in many ways, from the cost of commission to the amount of communication to the end result achieved. The choice of your agent can leave you with a feeling of absolute delight or bitter disappointment and frustration. So the question remains, how do you choose? Here are some variables between agents to look out for, before making your decision:

  1. Do they have good market presence?
    It makes sense that the agency with the most signs up, has the trust of many sellers. Look for SOLD signs, this illustrates results.
  2. Do they know the area?
    Sounds basic but you would be surprised how much more an agent can achieve for you if they are familiar with the sales in your immediate suburb. It also demonstrates that they are talking to a lot of buyers in your area.
  3. Can they demonstrate a negotiation for you?
    There is a big difference between a messenger going back and forth between buyer and seller and someone who is trained in the field of negotiation. Ask any Fitzpatricks agent and they will happily demonstrate the entire negotiation process. This is one of the biggest points to keep in mind when selecting an agent. The other is…
  4. Marketing
    Ever heard of the two fishermen who went out to catch some fish on the same night. One went out with a single fishing line; the other went out with a trawling net. Who do you think caught the most fish in the shortest amount of time? Marketing your property for sale needs to be just as appropriate. To catch the attention of more buyers you need more than just one marketing source. The days of just putting a sign up, loading onto the website, including an editorial over the newspaper ad are gone. You need to attract retirees, generation Y & X, investors from in and out of town and downsizers or up graders. That diverse range of buyer capturing, requires a lot more skill than previously utilised in the real estate industry – and Fitzpatricks Real Estate is leading the way.
  5. Fees
    Yes we are happy to mention fees on our website. You can employ an agent for as little as 2.2% in Wagga Wagga or on average around 3.3%. At Fitzpatricks Real Estate we are not the highest nor are we the lowest when it comes to fees. What we believe we offer is the best value. Like everything in life “you get what you pay for”. What will you receive for your investment in an agent? Do you get communication? Will you receive the best advice? Will the agent know how to best negotiate a deal for you? Are they going to be reactive or proactive on your behalf? How many buyers do they have in their database? How often do they contact those buyers?

At Fitzpatricks Real Estate we will provide you with peace of mind knowing you have the largest number of agents proactively working for you than any other agency in our postcode. Yes, there will always be a cheaper option but it often comes with a cheaper result. (At the end of the day – nearly anyone can sell your house. It really comes down to the “how” and for “how much”!)

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