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Wagga ranked 12th in NSW with first home buyer claims

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blog_photo_templateSince the inception of the first home owners scheme back in 2000, Wagga Wagga has continued to remain in the top 20 postcodes for overall benefits received. Wagga Wagga is currently ranked 12th overall with first home buyers claiming more than $71,198,141 worth of grants to purchase homes, an increase of just over $7 million over the past three years. Wagga Wagga is the only regional based city to be in the top 20 in New South Wales.
The scheme in total has helped more than 556,000 families and couples purchase a home in New South Wales alone since 2000, the total reaching well over $8.5 billion.

Since the 2000 inception and up until the end of 30 June 2014, there were 5200 approved applications to the scheme for Wagga Wagga with only 158 of these coming from the previous financial year. There was also the additional 5260 applications for the First Home Duty Exemption.
Director of Fitzpatricks Real Estate, Matt Newley said “the high number of first home buyers in Wagga Wagga can be attributed to the affordable median house price and the ability to purchase an quality home for under $300,000.”