Update Your Benchtop This Season

Fitzpatricks - 13/07/2017

Nothing freshens your kitchen more than a new kitchen bench top. Whether you are selling your home or simply want to get rid of a bad colour or wear and tear such as burns and marks, now is a good time to get onto it while you relax by the fire while it’s being done. The following suggestions will help you get it right.

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10 ways to improve the value of your investment property for under $1000

Fitzpatricks - 31/03/2015

First impressions are very important; therefore the external appearance of your home really counts. You can improve it by painting over old concrete bricks, clay bricks or weatherboard with some of the exciting new colours now available.  If you do it yourself you can probably paint a typical house for around $1000. Maximise your house’s street appeal. Look at landscaping or even just tidy up …

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preparing your property for lease

Fitzpatricks - 29/01/2015

Maximise  “street appeal”: landscape or just tidy up the front garden. Make sure the front of the home is in good condition. Remove any external rubbish, pull down fences if unsightly, pull out dead trees/plants, mow lawns and tidy garden beds. Gutters: have your gutters cleaned, ensuring any dirt, silt, twigs and leaves are removed. Garages and sheds: if these are included on the lease, make sure any …

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capital works fund

Fitzpatricks - 22/01/2015

Do you need to save for large capital expenditure items to be completed on your investment property e.g. replacement of gutters, painting of external woodwork, new carpet, upgrading your appliances etc.? We can help by setting up a capital works fund just for you. Not only will this help you plan for major works to ensure your asset is well maintained, it also assists in reducing the burden of paying those large bills for …

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renovation tips

Fitzpatricks - 20/08/2014

A well-maintained rental property not only ensures happy tenants, but also higher rents. Does your property need some long awaited renovations? Here are some of our favourite methods for improving an investment property’s rental potential. Wash the walls and repaint them Keep your colours neutral throughout, that way it will go with however your tenant chooses to furnish the property.

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renovate or relocate?

Fitzpatricks - 05/07/2012

DIY has been trending for quite a while now, with TV shows and magazines promoting home improvement as a hobby. The hit renovation program ‘The Block’ has further encouraged the idea of renovation as a viable proposition, transforming delapidated buildings into contemporary homes. This trend seems to be reflected in current statistics, with information from from RP Data indicating that people are holding onto their …

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