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10 home organisation and storage ideas

Fitzpatricks - 09/07/2015

Looking for some inspiration to get your home organised or create some extra storage? Here’s some great tips to help you get started. 1. Bookshelf Storage Old bookshelves can be reused to create great storage units. For smaller items you can buy baskets or storage containers that keep them tidy and make them easily accessible. This idea from has mounted numerous bookshelves on the wall. …

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end of financial year statements

Fitzpatricks - 02/07/2015

Yes, it’s that time of year when your end of financial year statements will be sent to you.  This important document will be sent next week and is separate from your standard monthly rental statement. It will be sent by email to those landlords who have provided email addresses otherwise a printed copy will be forwarded in the mail. If you would like to update …

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10 tips to trim your mortgage

Fitzpatricks - 11/06/2015

Here are some easy ways to save money on your mortgage: Look outside the big four banks for your loan. Negotiate fees, rates and conditions. If you can’t do it yourself, consider hiring an expert. Try to pay associated loan costs such as application fees, legal costs or home loan insurance costs from your own cash savings rather than adding them to your loan balance and incurring added …

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is your home or investment property secure?

Fitzpatricks - 30/04/2015

A large number of break and enter crimes are easily preventable. By introducing a number of simple and inexpensive changes to your home or investment property, you can play an active role in reducing the chances of this happening to you. Invest in good quality deadlocks for external doors. Don’t forget to include internal connecting doors such as the one between the garage and the …

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fixed term and periodic leases

Fitzpatricks - 23/04/2015

There are two types of tenancy agreements which can be entered into. A ‘fixed term’ agreement is where the tenant and landlord are locked into the lease for a set period of time, i.e. 6 or 12 months.  Once this period expires, if the tenant wishes to stay in the property they may enter in to what is known as  a ‘periodic’ agreement, which runs week to week, unless …

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10 ways to improve the value of your investment property for under $1000

Fitzpatricks - 31/03/2015

First impressions are very important; therefore the external appearance of your home really counts. You can improve it by painting over old concrete bricks, clay bricks or weatherboard with some of the exciting new colours now available.  If you do it yourself you can probably paint a typical house for around $1000. Maximise your house’s street appeal. Look at landscaping or even just tidy up …

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optimising the return on your investment

Fitzpatricks - 19/03/2015

Our office understands the importance of rental returns on your investment. For this reason we are constantly monitoring the market rent on your behalf. When tenants vacate or a tenancy agreement is renewed, we will carry out a fair market rent review, investigating: Rental prices of similar properties in the neighbouring area Supply and demand of tenants and properties Council rate increases Interest rate increases CPI …

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property management newsletter

Fitzpatricks - 12/03/2015

Click here to view our latest property management newsletter. Topics featured in this issue include our latest property management market wrap, rental statistics for December – February plus information on our new tenancy DVD, term deposits, emergency repairs and requirements for tradespeople. Don’t miss our special promotion for your chance to receive one month’s management of your investment property for free.

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