Suburb Spotlight – Boorooma

Fitzpatricks - 08/03/2018

Located in the city’s north, neighbouring Estella and Charles Sturt University, Boorooma has seen significant growth over the years. With spectacular views back to Wagga over the Murrumbidgee floodplain and quick easy access to the CBD over the “Gobba” Bridge, Boorooma is proving to be very popular due to its views and easy accessibility. The developing suburb is home to some exciting new parklands, Lineal Park and Explorer park and …

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Passive Design – the benefits to your home

Fitzpatricks - 06/04/2017

When reading through selling points of properties being advertised for sale, you may notice a lot of reference to passive design. Things like “north-facing” and “double brick construction” might not seem like an obviously major selling feature, but they are an indication of the passive design elements that can make a major contribution to energy efficiency and comfort. So what exactly is passive design?

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Assistance for First Home Buyers

Fitzpatricks - 16/03/2017

The topic of housing affordability is routinely high in the news cycle and whilst many millennials rue how currently hard it is for them to break into the property market, one of the points brought up is grants. Certainly many who were able to buy their first property almost 10 years ago would not be dismissive of the assistance they were able to receive from the …

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new land release in Lloyd

Fitzpatricks - 08/09/2016

Located on the south-western side of Wagga Wagga at the foot of Lloyd Hills overlooking Glenfield Park, Lloyd is a very attractive suburb enjoying a rural aspect with easy access to city amenities. A modern housing development, Lloyd has proven popular, with stages 1-4 selling out and only a few blocks remaining in stage 5. The latest land release, Stage 6 – Lloyd Heights, offers …

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suburb spotlight: estella

Fitzpatricks - 11/02/2016

Estella is situated on the elevated northern extreme of Wagga, overlooking the Murrumbidgee River and only five minutes drive to Wagga’s central district. The suburb is relatively new, with development commencing in the 1980s, and the streets named after crop varieties and individuals historically associated with the nearby Agricultural Research Institute. Located directly to the south of Charles Sturt University and to the west of Boorooma, the southern …

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