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New Directors – Jeremy Hutchings and Paul Gooden


The Board of Directors of Fitzpatricks Real Estate; (left to right) Brendan Madigan, Paul Gooden, Lyn Kimball, Shaun Lowry, Richard Fitzpatrick, Matt Newley, Helen Woodhouse, Geoff Seymour and Jeremy Hutchings.


Fitzpatricks Real Estate are excited to announce two new Directors to the board; Jeremy Hutchings and Paul Gooden.

Paul Gooden has been in the Real Estate Industry for over 20 years and has worked at Fitzpatricks Real Estate as a Sales Consultant for the past 9. He is passionate about selling and finding people new homes and is excited about being appointed as a Director.

Jeremy Hutchings has undertaken the new role of CEO of Fitzpatricks Real Estate. Having worked with Fitzpatricks over a number of years in a business coaching capacity, Jeremy is looking forward to stepping into the role of both Chief Executive Officer and Director.

These recent appointments will see the board of Directors go from 7 to 9 with Paul & Jeremy joining Richard Fitzpatrick, Lyn Kimball, Geoff Seymour, Brendan Madigan, Helen Woodhouse, Matt Newley and Shaun Lowry.

We welcome them to the board and look forward to seeing Fitzpatricks Real Estate continue to grow into the future.