General Inspections: What to Expect

Fitzpatricks - 21/09/2017
General Inspections: What to Expect

General inspections are always scheduled within the first four months then approximately every six months thereafter. We are allowed a maximum of four inspections per year in accordance with legislative requirements. By law we are required to give you 24 hours notice before an inspection takes place but in general try to allow at least a weeks notice. General inspections are not as detailed as inspections at the start …

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Tax Time

Fitzpatricks - 29/06/2017

With tax time upon us, it’s important to understand what you can claim in order to get the full deductions you are entitled to in regards to your investment property. Here is a list of items you can potentially claim as deductions on your tax return:

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New First Home Buyer Concessions

Fitzpatricks - 08/06/2017

To help improve housing affordability in NSW, the NSW Government are implementing a new package to assist first home buyers getting into the market. This package offers first home buyers stamp duty exemptions and reductions as well as grants for those building or buying new homes. First home buyers will be eligible for: No payment of stamp duty for homes up to $650,000 Reduction in stamp …

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Five depreciation points
every investor should know

Fitzpatricks - 20/04/2017

Any owner of an income-producing investment property is eligible for significant taxation benefits. Despite this fact, according to the Chief Executive Officer of BMT Tax Depreciation, Bradley Beer, 80 percent of property investors are failing to take advantage of property depreciation and are therefore missing out on thousands of dollars in their pockets. “Property investors often assume they are ineligible or that it is not …

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Suburb Spotlight: Ashmont

Fitzpatricks - 30/03/2017

Set on the western side of Wagga Wagga, between semi-rural San Isidore and the industrial and commercial precincts of Central Wagga, Ashmont provides economic living opportunities with good standards of infrastructure and community services. Providing a variety of educational and recreational facilities including a community centre, preschool, primary schools, churches, sporting ovals and parks, Ashmont is also serviced by it’s own shopping complex, with a supermarket, service station, …

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Vacancy Rates – February 2017

Fitzpatricks - 23/03/2017

The past three months have certainly been busy in our Property Management team! December is traditionally a high vacate period, due to the turnover of Defence and other corporate employment contracts, in conjunction with the completion of the education year. January and February are peak periods for rental inquiry – with the people filling positions for the December outgoing population, plus those starting a new year …

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